3 Risks of Mobile Homes and How To Avoid Them

Manufactured homes these days are pretty safe with the new technology around. This doesn’t mean you need to put your guard down though. There are still risks to living in a mobile homes like there is in every home. But instead of it being disaster danger, which manufactured homes have done good with solving, it’s more about your health. 

Mold in a mobile home is the most known health risk. This is also a risk in normal homes so anyone can use these tips. This is the black and green area you see on your ceiling or a place where water is frequent. This can grow anywhere and all it needs is a damp surface to grow on. Living with mold and mildew can cause problems with upper respiratory organs, which is quite dangerous. A lot of mobile homes are placed in areas like the beach and other water sources so you need to keep an eye out for such things. How to avoid it can be using a dehumidifier to help remove humidity from the air and put it in places like the bathroom.

Next on the list is formaldehyde. This is a problem in older units because they used the chemical on the interior of the home. It can be a real issue because it causes symptoms of the common cold, and nosebleeds with longer exposure causing cancer. Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong smelling gas that can build up so keeping frequent fresh air in the house is a must. The cheap option is to keep the doors and windows open throughout the day to air out the house. But depending on where you are that won’t be an option all the time so getting an air purifier would be another alternative.

That last health risk is something most people don’t even know they’re doing to themselves. When you smoke inside you’re causing damage to yourself and your furniture because of all the smoke stays in the home. The smoke leaves residue on all things in the area causing your home to always have those toxic chemicals around creating second hand smoke if done too often. This can be easily avoided by just stepping outside to smoke, but if that is not an option you can alway get an air purifier to help with the issue. This won’t be a 100% fix but it will help in the long run.

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