The New Type Of Mobile Home

When everyone thinks of living in a mobile home park in California or a resident-owned community a few specific things come to mind. Everyone thinks of modular homes or manufactured homes. While they think of those homes buyers still imagine the mobile homes of old that resemble trailers and RVs. So today I want to break down the difference between these two and introduce you to a new type of home; Park Model Homes.

A modular home is more of the piece by piece built version of mobile homes. These types of homes are usually built one room at a time and then pieced together when the final products get to the final destination. These types of mobile homes are often used as mobile office spaces on construction sites or for movable living spaces when constructing across long stretches. These homes follow the HUD code for home builds so they can provide safety and longevity. They continue to follow this code so housing can still be possible even though they are used for different means.

Manufactured homes in mobile home parks in California are what people see most families live in these days. These are the homes that are built in one piece with the rooms already factory built inside. Manufactured homes are more likely to be permanently anchored to the ground and used for long term housing. These homes can at times resemble track homes in neighborhoods but are mainly used in mobile home parks. These types of homes also follow the HUD code. There are some homes that are known to follow the IRC codes, but it all depends on the company you contract to build your home.

So now you understand the previous norms of mobile home housing I can now describe to you the new type of housing called Park Model. These homes represent the name well with all of the homes staying around the same square footage of 400 sq ft. These homes are meant to be built and placed in communities with ease and efficiency. These homes do come with wheels that allow them to be moved with ease that can be removed and reattached at will. They are built with a cabin-like style in mind that comes pre-built with select rooms coming standard. These houses are also meant for remote placement outside of communities like in campgrounds and other outdoor areas.

A lot of people state it is like a great cross between an RV and a mobile home. These types of mobile estates keep both the mobile aspect in mind as well as the home aspect. The house has the ability to be anchored into the ground for long term living or you can keep wheels attached for movement later down the line. Even though they only come in a cabin-like exterior it won’t take long for time to catch up and all mobile homes make the transition to this hybrid.

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