Understand your Park

If you are a current mobile home property manager then this point is a must know. Each park will operate differently than other parks. So understanding your park can help you make better-educated decisions that will benefit the community, owners, and investors. “Understanding your Park” is a very broad statement so let’s break it down a bit.

  1. Financially – Where does your park stand and what kind of problems exist right now? What problems have stayed consistent in the park for years? How do we fix these issues? These are all questions that property managers must have answers to. The best property managers are forward thinkers and not “day to day” thinkers. Thinking about the long term and adopting new ideas and decisions now that will improve the long term status of the park is very important. Knowing the smaller details is equally important to long term visions. If you know your sewer line gets backed up 5 or 6 times a year and it costs $300 to get it fixed rather than $150,000 for all new sewer lines. Spending $1500 each year is much better than $150,000 for problems that only arise every so often. 
  2. Who are the residents? This point can also play in the communication aspect of mobile home property management. Understanding your tenants, their behaviors, careers, hobbies, etc is important in understanding your park. If you have a relatively new park full of young adults and new families, then a pool and spa or playground area might be a great option for your park. But, if your park is full of retirees and older folks, then maybe a playground isn’t the best option. The key to understanding your park is understanding your community. Find out what they like to do and have conversations with your investors or owners to try and bring the community more options for them. 
  3. Building Relationships – Building relationships is key for a property manager. Having a deeper relationship with the community is always advised. Taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with members of the community can show them your care and compassion for their livelihoods. Even maintaining closer relationships with owners and investors can push the process of maintenance and new builds much faster. 

In conclusion, there are many aspects that need to be accounted for in the job description of a mobile home property manager. Remember that communication is key when finding the best ways to understand your park on a deeper level. Property managers and owners should make sure that their tenants are satisfied with the park and management. 

Taking up side conversations with residents is always a good way to understand your park better. The more you can build relationships the better the park will run. Follow the blog as we continue to update content monthly! 

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